Tuesday, March 3, 2009

new life of me

its have been a new life after i quit my university(uum).i came back kuching to study my medic which is offered by goverment.its a kind of sponsorship but if i failed to complete my studies then i have to pay RM110,000.its a lot for me to bare but i took the risk oso bcz its my dream to be in the medic.so i'll more hardworking to studies so that wont let anyone to disappoint wif it.

i have been studies at the gov college for 2 month and its quite tough..ther already 4 person quit bcz cant stand wif the stress of studies,rules,sch management and so on..its too strict!!!! but its gud for me actually.i start to learn new things n forget the passed.now in my head jus all about my studies and i hope "you" wont send sms for me again bcz i'm kinda hate u in my heart actually.if u had go then u should not back to find me anymore...

las 2 weeks i was sent to general hospital bcz of my headache..i ad a critical migrain. den was ask stay back for further checking...i was a bit gonna go back heaven with my God but luckily i was been safe by doctor ther..i think my sick is becoming more serious day by day liao