Friday, December 19, 2008

its after a month plus

now already more than a month and i didn't msg much with her again.may b jus around 3 or 4 messages only.its because i hope she was happy without me.yah,may b im stupid but what to do.right?what i can do just left it bit by bit and hope 1 day i can easy forget about her.i've been offered assist medic course by sarawak general hospital and proceed to study medic after the 3 years course of it.i was happy and the meantime i was sad because have to leave here.besides that,i already have many friends at here.eventhough i sad but still need to leave here.i hope everyone are happy then do the best in their study in the future and i miss everyone.sorry my friend i cant continue the 2nd semester with you guys anymore.

its the wedding of my cousin, i wish her happy till old n born a lot of kids soon...hehehe