Tuesday, January 12, 2010

new life in sem3

this sem got a new topic which is psychiatric. our tutor like us to say somethings which is very make ppl sad somtime. this time the topic is " if i go 1st". in me "if i go 1st"...........in this 21 years i had live quite long and im very appreciate every friends and every experience im going through..las time i dono wana say wat o may b not even think about it. my family are the ppl i very care about i really wish they're happy when im not here again.i wana say to them im very sorry for im i'd done wrong o may b talk somethings not suppose to..if i go i wan them care their own health especially my mum whose had a chronic kidney problem.

after tat i wan say to all my fren i wan them every1 appreciate the 1 whose close to them.bcz when the time u wan care them may b wont hav chance den wil very regret about it. after tat the 1 i love i hope she'll find her happiness and don worry bout me bcz i'll be with the Heavenly Father. i know when i was in hard time u always by my side and i wish to be with you forever but i cant. i hope the time can stop a while for me to be with you and hug u on my chest. i wan to say tat i love u so much..i hope we can meet may b in other life and be with you.

tat jus like the road i had goin through....las time hav me but now its empty....but the life of every1 i hope happy....

Monday, August 24, 2009


i was more hard than was i think for semester 2. wat im studies sumtime i oso dono bout it....need memorise all kind of sickness and medicine....oh my GODD!! hope this sem i'll pass...hehe

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


On Jun i was on my practical at Hospital Sentosa. At 1st i was tot really goin to take care of crazy ppl inside ther...but luckily no...its bcz inside had a extension wing from SGH. it was the geriatric unit or in other word it's for old ppl who were sick. and tat was my group....

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Now was the season for exam for every schools,colleges and universities...surely im oso in it...i was struggle for my hardest topic anatomy and physiology..the note to be study was thicker than the kamus dewan..oh my God....but i hope there was no ppl will fail bcz at least can break the record of the seniors...now i jus left my last paper..and everynight sleep at 2.30 or 3.30am and wake up at 6.30am to continue the revisions...

i was now felt my life was became much n much more busy than last time. its was good anyway because i wont think somethings will make me felt sad and i'll always be happy. every1 need be happy because without it we seems like a dead people. the time i start dont have u by my side i was sad but at last i felt myself was dump because i wana give up everythings....YOU are the 1 make me now be a new person and too dump of me because u not love me at all.. oh ya..by the way i wana know what is the meaning of love in you actually. i really not understand about it..but at least tat was my most happiest time with you..

everyday in my life got some1 there always for me and the person is God. God wont leave me but will always accompany by my side and guide me for what im doing. He's the 1 changing my life and was thankful to Him. without Him i think i was still a dump person still had the down syndrome. my health was ok because just sick sometime but at least i can do the things i wan to..imagine tat a person the blood pressure can go over than 200 when the most critical and heartbeat can up more than 110 and tat person is me but luckily i was survive. doctor told me that if another ppl sure the blood vessels already explode and go to see God.

In this world there were just few things will make ppl worry and sad....1st money, 2nd health, 3rd love. this 3 things can make ppl going crazy and die because of it.

that all for this blog because now still want to continue my revision fo my last subject...hope every1 were happy with their life and had a good health

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

anatomy and physiology about heart

its a amazing things...lolz.....heart is jantung not hati but still many ppl talk as hati....lolz

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

new life of me

its have been a new life after i quit my university(uum).i came back kuching to study my medic which is offered by goverment.its a kind of sponsorship but if i failed to complete my studies then i have to pay RM110,000.its a lot for me to bare but i took the risk oso bcz its my dream to be in the medic.so i'll more hardworking to studies so that wont let anyone to disappoint wif it.

i have been studies at the gov college for 2 month and its quite tough..ther already 4 person quit bcz cant stand wif the stress of studies,rules,sch management and so on..its too strict!!!! but its gud for me actually.i start to learn new things n forget the passed.now in my head jus all about my studies and i hope "you" wont send sms for me again bcz i'm kinda hate u in my heart actually.if u had go then u should not back to find me anymore...

las 2 weeks i was sent to general hospital bcz of my headache..i ad a critical migrain. den was ask stay back for further checking...i was a bit gonna go back heaven with my God but luckily i was been safe by doctor ther..i think my sick is becoming more serious day by day liao

Friday, December 19, 2008

its after a month plus

now already more than a month and i didn't msg much with her again.may b jus around 3 or 4 messages only.its because i hope she was happy without me.yah,may b im stupid but what to do.right?what i can do just left it bit by bit and hope 1 day i can easy forget about her.i've been offered assist medic course by sarawak general hospital and proceed to study medic after the 3 years course of it.i was happy and the meantime i was sad because have to leave here.besides that,i already have many friends at here.eventhough i sad but still need to leave here.i hope everyone are happy then do the best in their study in the future and i miss everyone.sorry my friend i cant continue the 2nd semester with you guys anymore.