Tuesday, January 12, 2010

new life in sem3

this sem got a new topic which is psychiatric. our tutor like us to say somethings which is very make ppl sad somtime. this time the topic is " if i go 1st". in me "if i go 1st"...........in this 21 years i had live quite long and im very appreciate every friends and every experience im going through..las time i dono wana say wat o may b not even think about it. my family are the ppl i very care about i really wish they're happy when im not here again.i wana say to them im very sorry for im i'd done wrong o may b talk somethings not suppose to..if i go i wan them care their own health especially my mum whose had a chronic kidney problem.

after tat i wan say to all my fren i wan them every1 appreciate the 1 whose close to them.bcz when the time u wan care them may b wont hav chance den wil very regret about it. after tat the 1 i love i hope she'll find her happiness and don worry bout me bcz i'll be with the Heavenly Father. i know when i was in hard time u always by my side and i wish to be with you forever but i cant. i hope the time can stop a while for me to be with you and hug u on my chest. i wan to say tat i love u so much..i hope we can meet may b in other life and be with you.

tat jus like the road i had goin through....las time hav me but now its empty....but the life of every1 i hope happy....