Thursday, May 7, 2009

Now was the season for exam for every schools,colleges and universities...surely im oso in it...i was struggle for my hardest topic anatomy and physiology..the note to be study was thicker than the kamus dewan..oh my God....but i hope there was no ppl will fail bcz at least can break the record of the i jus left my last paper..and everynight sleep at 2.30 or 3.30am and wake up at 6.30am to continue the revisions...

i was now felt my life was became much n much more busy than last time. its was good anyway because i wont think somethings will make me felt sad and i'll always be happy. every1 need be happy because without it we seems like a dead people. the time i start dont have u by my side i was sad but at last i felt myself was dump because i wana give up everythings....YOU are the 1 make me now be a new person and too dump of me because u not love me at all.. oh the way i wana know what is the meaning of love in you actually. i really not understand about it..but at least tat was my most happiest time with you..

everyday in my life got some1 there always for me and the person is God. God wont leave me but will always accompany by my side and guide me for what im doing. He's the 1 changing my life and was thankful to Him. without Him i think i was still a dump person still had the down syndrome. my health was ok because just sick sometime but at least i can do the things i wan to..imagine tat a person the blood pressure can go over than 200 when the most critical and heartbeat can up more than 110 and tat person is me but luckily i was survive. doctor told me that if another ppl sure the blood vessels already explode and go to see God.

In this world there were just few things will make ppl worry and sad....1st money, 2nd health, 3rd love. this 3 things can make ppl going crazy and die because of it.

that all for this blog because now still want to continue my revision fo my last subject...hope every1 were happy with their life and had a good health

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